PSHD by Hedone Design
If you frequent the CrackBerry blogs, then undoubtably you have seen themes from Hedone Design. They've produced many popular themes, and one reason they are so well received is the incredible attention that is paid to every detail of their work. The latest release from Hedone Design is called PSHD, and is their homage to Sony and the Playstation interface. If you have experience with the PS3, then I'm sure you recognized this right off without me telling you.

The home screen experience on PSHD closely mimics that of the PS3. Five columns across your screen give you access to different categories of icons. Favorites is the first, and allows you to place your choice of icons under it. The next column is Media, third you have the Phone column, Web is the 4th column and Utilities is the last. That's a total of 20 icons (25 on non-touch devices as each column has an additional icon) within easy reach on your home screen, yet placed in a way that doesn't clutter it up. The battery meter is custom and changes from green to red as your battery level drops. Keyboard shortcuts are also included.

PSHD is a great theme, sure to please both gamers and those of you who just like having something unique and easy to use on your BlackBerry. I want to point out that this theme is fast, as it was entirely hand coded, ensuring a flawlessly smooth user experience. You can grab it today for $6.99 in the CrackBerry store for your BlackBerry Bold 9000, Bold/Tour 96xx, Bold 97xx, Curve 8350i, Curve 85xx, Curve 89xx, Curve 93xx 3G, Storm 95xx, and Torch 9800 (OS 5.0 - 6.0 only.)

For more information/screenshots and to purchase PSHD