This one made me chuckle a bit.

In an appearance on Conan, actress Allison Pill explained how she mistakenly sent a topless photo of herself via Twitter last year because she didn't realize that her new BlackBerry had a touchscreen.

While replying to a Tweet, she somehow attached a topless photo of herself that was already on her device and sent it out for the world to see. The photo in question was sent out on Twitter to her near 14k followers last year where it was quickly deleted. In a follow-up Tweet she stated "Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies."

We're going to assume that her "new" BlackBerry at the time was perhaps a Bold 9900 (the incident happened in September of 2012) so not realizing that the device had a touchscreen, she somehow managed to attach the photo to her Tweet and send it off to the masses.

So just a quick PSA if you're a new BlackBerry user: Yes, your phone (most likely) has a touchscreen so be careful where you tap :-)