BlackBerry 10 Email Font

At least yet. By default, the font color when replying to emails on BlackBerry 10 is navy -- not black. No, you cannot change it. Many people, myself included, will find that super annoying. Why is this way? It seems BlackBerry took a page out of the Outlook book on this one. We did find it cool at first because it gave us an easy way to know who was replying from a BlackBerry Z10, but now we're pretty much over it and just want to change it back to black -- but we can't. You can change the font size and color on a per-email basis, but unfortunately there is no option to change the default, and that's just dumb. I guess it's not bad by comparison since on some phones (we're looking at you Windows Phone 8!!) you can't even change the font size of emails. The more personalization options the better, and being able to change the color of your default font in email replies is something we'd love to see in BlackBerry 10.

What do you think - do you like the navy color for replying to emails or would you rather be able to change it to something else by default?