Earlier, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Office Mobile was going free on Android and iOS while ditching the need for a subscription in order to use it for 'view-only' purposes. Since then, we've had people emailing us and letting us know that since Android apps can run on BlackBerry 10, we should post about it or asking if it works on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime.

To save folks some time in trying it, we put it to the test on three different devices, (Z10, Q10 and Z30) all on the latest OS and sadly, it doesn't work as it should. The app loads up fine and you can make your way through the process of logging into your account but that's where it stops and starts producing some errors.

If you're still wanting to give it a go though, you can download it using Snap or check in the CrackBerry Forums where the APK file has been posted for download.