Instagram BlackBerry 10

Just a quick PSA today regarding that sideloaded Instagram you may or may not be using. Users across the board are reporting that if you sign out for any reason, you most likely won't be able to sign in again. This means if you remove the app or try to load it up on a different device, you may be flat out of luck. The version that works on the BlackBerry Z10 is a bit outdated and users are receiving an error message when trying to log in. 

The message states:

Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in the Play Store to log in to Instagram.

Some users have said that closing out the app entirely by performing a long press on the X (tap and hold) and restarting has done the trick, a few others have snuck in after a few reboots. So try what you can if you're having this issue and be sure to let us know if anything works out.

Now of course this could be some tricky doings by Instagram to prevent BlackBerry users from accessing the app, or it could just be bad timing since the latest version is far ahead of this one. Either way, if you have Instagram loaded up already, make sure you don't sign out or you'll be out of luck until another solution - or an official version - comes along.

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