Proximity Photos update brings integration with other apps, new translations and more

Proximity Photos is an app that lets you discover places around you through photos taken by other people. It pulls publicly shared photos from Flickr and will contain any notes left by the person that shared the photo. We took a quick look at the app previously and it's a great way of discovering new things and places in unknown places. Today, the app sees an update with some new features, as well as the regular improvements and bug fixes.

Proximity Photos v1.2 changelog

  • NEW: integrated my new app Ambient Details for Wikipedia articles at your current location!
  • NEW: integrated app WhereIs..? for point of interests!
  • NEW: option to select positioning method (gps, wifi or cellular)
  • NEW: viatnamese translation (thanks to Trương Thành Tấn!)
  • NEW: added translators to About page!
  • IMPROVED: bigger icons on the BlackBerry Passport
  • BUGFIX: scrolling on BlackBerry Passport is now possible with keyboard gestures! (thanks Cody Xu!)
  • BUGFIX: some minor fixes

You can check out our review, including video, if you want to see more on the app. If you're interested in the app, Proximity Photos is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost you $0.99. If you've already purchased the app, updating is free, as always.

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