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As we have mentioned before, sometimes living in Canada sucks. It was reported yesterday that AT&T will be releasing the new Curve in the US this month. In the UK, both Vodaphone and O2 will also be releasing the new smartphone in May.

But, according to the latest RIM press release, The Curve will not be released in Canada by Rogers Wireless until June.

The new Curve, as we have been detailing, will feature a number of consumer and business friendly goodies including a trackball navigation system, 2.0 megapixel camera, faster web browser and enhanced multimedia capabilities.

“As the leading wireless carrier in Canada, Rogers is committed to bringing innovative products like the BlackBerry Curve to Canadians,” said John Boynton, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. “Our customers are always looking for smart technology solutions and the new BlackBerry Curve, with its combined power and simplicity, will be attractive to businesses and consumers.”

Committed to bringing the most innovative devices later than anywhere else it seems.

I’m just asking the question, but how is that Canada, the home of the BlackBerry and RIM, is always the last to get new devices?