I'm a sucker for a low-cost mystery, I admit it. Whether it's a mystery tee off one of those one-shirt-a-day sites or the Woot Bag o' Crap, it's really hard for me to pass up the potential awesomeness that could be delivered right to me. It's no wonder that I got super excited when I saw this intriguing invention using NFC from the folks at Razorfish.

Utilizing an old gumball machine, an NFC shield, a simple reed switch, and 2 Arduino microcontrollers, they made this prototype over a two day session at their Frankfurt office.

This is an NFC-enabled Gum Machine we have built at Razorfish that is packed with all sorts of digital goodies: Apps, movies, songs, ebooks, as well as other exclusive and location-based content that can be pushed to a phone. Simply enter a coin and turn the lever – then follow the animation and tap your smartphone next to the release chute.

That's right! Insert a quarter, get a mystery something delivered right to your phone! This concept seems like it would be fun, and with only a $.25 investment, even if you got something you didn't like it seems to me that the excitement and anticipation alone would be worth it. I'm curious if they could integrate Google Wallet or PayPal or something as well, for those of us that may not have change in our pockets. Obviously, it's just a prototype (tested on Android devices) so no word on what platforms it could eventually support. You can see several pictures of the prototype being built and find more information at the source link below.

Would you pay $.25 for a mystery download? Let us know in the comments or discuss it in the forums

Source: Razorfish 

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