A well known BlackBerry developer has just released an app in BlackBerry World today. CellNinja, who has brought us apps such as Hub2Watch and more, has released ProtectMe. It's a security app that adds an extra layer of protection above what BlackBerry Protect offers. It can do things such as lock your device if a connected Bluetooth device gets disconnected or if the Wi-Fi or any other network connection is turned off. The point being if you lost your device and someone tried to turn of the mobile network, your device would automatically become locked.

Of course, many of us use passwords on our devices anyway. ProtectMe doesn't replace that, just adds another layer with which you'll need a password to gain access. There are many triggers to choose from and you'll also find a Remote Message Trigger that you set up and when you lose your phone, you just send your device a message, be it an email, SMS or PIN message and it will lock your phone.

ProtectMe trigger features

  • Turning ON Airplane Mode
  • Turning OFF Cellular Service (phone, SMS, data)
  • Turning OFF Data Service (Edge, 3G, 4G)
  • Turning OFF Wifi
  • Trying to shutdown the device
  • Trying to do a soft reset of the device

ProtectMe is a headless app, so you don't need to have it open in an Active Frame to function. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99. We'll bring your a closer, hands-on look of the app soon. So watch this space.

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