While the BlackBerry PlayBook makes for a fantastic professional grade tablet, it also is quite an excellent little gaming machine. Whether you have a few minutes to kill, or hours to spend waiting before your next important task, sometimes the best way to pass the time is with a great game. People On My Lawn is one of those games that can be picked up for a quick level of play, or played for hours trying to figure out how to pass the next level. What is great about this game is that unlike many others, some real thought is required, and a lot of trial and error goes into solving each level.

The concept is simple, destroy the human who is standing on your property, accomplishing this however is the difficult task. Your character, an alien, holds a rocket launcher that shoots rockets to destroy the human, and magnetic type pieces are used to create a track. There are red and blue pieces, each acting as opposite of each other, and creating guidelines for the rocket to follow. Each level starts off with the placement of one color, and you then need to use the opposite color to continue the track for rocket, but be careful with placement, a bit too high or low and you will send the rocket where you didn't expect.

Each level gets progressively harder, requiring more thought in the placement, and a lot more trial and error. Each time you miss it makes you want to get it the next time, and creates anticipation until the level is finally passed. For free, this game definitely keeps you entertained, and provides a fun yet challenging experience on your PlayBook. Be sure to hit the link below to download it for yourself, and let us know your thoughts on it!

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