I have been using cases on and off lately, not really settling on one. I love the feel of a naked BlackBerry but I am prone to dropping them and so I look to protect it. The latest case to don my BlackBerry Q10 is the Case Mate Tough Case. The last case I put on my Q10 was the BlackBerry Soft Shell case which also meant it fit in nicely into the Q10 Leather Holster. I thought I'd try a more protective case this time around. Read on for my thoughts on the Case Mate Tough Case.

The Case Mate Tough case comes with two parts - a soft silicone cover and an outer shell. The outer shell has a rubberized finish that offers a lot of grip for those with slippery fingers. The case covers the keys along the side and the power button on the top but these are still easily pressed when needed. I have had experience with other cases for others models that make the buttons a bit stiff to press but I don't have that issue with the Tough case. The ports on the left side of the device are exposed so they are easily accessible. Which for some people this is preferable as it means you don't have to fuss over have to open a flap just to insert the charging cable. There are also cutouts for the headphone jack along the top, the camera on the back, speaker and microphone on the bottom.

There is a small lip on the case so if you put the phone face down the screen does not touch the surface. Neither does the keyboard but it is a small lip. The rubberized texture of the case means that it won't slide around when laid on a surface either.

I do have a few niggles with the case though. The phone tends on come out just a tiny bit on the top, I find myself having to push it back in every now and then. It's such a snug fit that the outer shell doesn't seem to clamp over enough and so the phone slowly slips out, only by a bit though. Another thing is that at the cutouts at the speaker on the bottom and the ports on the side, you can easily pull on the silicone bit as there isn't anything hard there to hold it in place. While, again, this is not a major thing, I feel after a while you may end up stretching it a bit too much and then it just won't look nice at all with a small bit sagging there. The one other thing is that it does pick up pocket lint very easily, making it a bit unsightly when that happens.

As a protective case, it will do a good job protecting your device from bumps and knocks. I've dropped it twice already, not from great heights and it has meant that my device is free from scratches.

The Good

  • Rubberized and textured for added grip
  • Two layer protection

The Bad

  • Easily attracts pocket lint
  • Vulnerable at the cutouts around the port and speaker
The bottomline

The Case Mate Tough Case is tough. The textured outer layer offers great grip even for those with butter fingers, like myself. The exposed ports can be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference but I quite like the fact I don't need to fiddle with a flap every time I want to charge my device up. Having to push the device in every so often is a small inconvenience. It's not like the phone will pop out but it could have fit a bit better. Then again it could just be my case. It's not too bulky but you can rest assured it will protect your device.

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