So it turns out there are no dumb BlackBerrys, just occassionally dumb BlackBerry users which apparently I am one of! If you saw my BlackBerry Bold 9700 unboxing video yesterday or the follow-up tip, you may have noticed I ran into some issues with getting the battery door cover off the thing. It wasn't the device... just me.

Watch the video above. It's actually DEAD EASY and requires very little effort to remove the battery door. You just need to use the right technique and apply a little pressure in the right place. This is obviously the way it was designed to be done...I just somehow missed that message. Maybe it's common sense to other people, but yeah.. errr.. my bad.  Lesson learned. Enjoy the video. And if by chance you run into any new BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners struggling with their battery (it'll make me feel better about myself if I'm not the only one out there who had a mental lapse) then show them the proper technique and tell them you saw it on Not mentioning this topic again! LOL :)

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