ProOnGo and QuickBooks

The ProOnGo expense management application is by far one of the most critical applications that almost any professional should have installed. This award winning application is designed to eliminate the frustration of reporting expenses. I mean, how much easier can it get than by snapping an image of a receipt and having ProOnGo Expense analyze the details – such as, amount, date and merchant name – for you? On top of this, the application also sports a Mileage Expense Tracker, Time Expense Tracker (with Contact and Call Log integration) and support for multiple currencies and exchange rates. This, of course, is just to name a few features. It also makes it easy for you to report and your company to monitor.

Recently, ProOnGo announced that they have strengthened their QuickBooks compatibility by using Inuit Anywhere; which instantly syncs expenses between the ProOnGo Web Portal and QuickBooks Pro, Online, Premier and Enterprise. Features include:

  • Workflow the Way You Want It: Small business owners can choose between a variety of auto-submit and auto-approve settings that tailor the expense submission and approval process for their preferred balance of control and convenience. The simplest workflow option syncs expenses into QuickBooks automatically when an employee takes a picture of a receipt with the mobile app; other options include an Approve/Deny workflow that is available to managers within both the mobile and web app.
  • Always Up-to-Date Web Alerts: Inside the ProOnGo web app, owners and managers see an immediate, real-time snapshot of expenses that are pending their approval or have already been reimbursed, making it easy for managers and employees to know exactly where their expenses stand in a company’s reimbursement process.
  • Receipt Image Visibility for QuickBooks Online: A beta release of ProOnGo’s extension for Google Chrome enables owners and accountants, for the first time, to be able to see receipt images alongside employee reimbursement checks in QuickBooks Online, completely digitizing the receipt image documentation throughout the workflow.

Now keep in mind that, on top of QuickBooks, ProOnGo users can also export to XML, Excel or CSV or even to a fax. ProOnGo provides a wide array of packages suitable for individuals, businesses or CPAs (Chartered Public Accountants). Individual accounts start from a Lite version for $11.88 per year to a Road Warrior version for $95.90 per year. Head over to for more information, you can also grab the ProOnGo application for free from BlackBerry App World.

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