ProOnGo is a great expense tracking/reporting tool for BlackBerry. Their innovative app lets you easily scan receipts using your BlackBerry camera, and they are then automatically entered into your expense report. The application includes a time and mileage tracker, contact integration for sending off reports, multiple currencies, Quickbooks integration and much more. If you're looking for expense tracking on your device, ProOnGo really is as good as it gets.

ProOnGo has recently announced that they are offering a custom expense reports for business as well. With this option, businesses will be able to have a custom version of the app with a custom landing page and in-app icon. Only employees will be able to see these items, and they will be able to export using the specific business template. ProOnGo will also be announcing a partnership with a major accounting firm in the coming weeks. For more information on both ProOnGo Expense and their custom business options, head to the links below.

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