I have never claimed to be a "journalist" (I'm a blogger) but I've always done my best when it comes to reporting the news or forming opinions about products. Obviously I love BlackBerry and have no problem admitting it. I also am man enough to admit when I'm not pleased with something - be it an app, accessory, device or whatever. 

Being a BlackBerry fan also doesn't mean that I'm anti-Apple or Android or Windows Phone. I've used them all and whether I like them or not, respect each as part of the tech world. What I'm not a fan of however is people that write stories based on one-sided views or flat out ignorance. 

A story was posted a few days ago by the Huffington Post titled Bye Bye, BlackBerry (and Good Riddance Too) where the author, Bill Robinson, flat out stated that he's "not a BlackBerry guy" and in fact has never even owned one.

My fair disclaimer to the reader: I'm not a BlackBerry or Apple guy ... not at all. In fact, I will never own a BlackBerry, Mac, iPhone, iPad; that's how strongly I am against their technology platforms.

As Mr. Robinson starts his rant on how "BlackBerry 10 Hail Mary was a last death-rattle of a dying tech company", he attempts to explain how BlackBerry as a company is dead and how BlackBerry fans are too much in a "tech-induced fog to realize that their screens are too damn small and their proprietary platform too much a walled-in garden."

At this point I just want to stop reading and tell Mr. Robinson that CrackBerry will be happy to send along a new Z10 for him to try out. I'm not quite sure what device he uses that he considers a 4.2" display small but I'd be very curious to know. I won't ignore the fact that the Q10 and Q5 screens are smaller than most devices on the market, but BlackBerry users with those devices are after a physical keyboard and willing to sacrifice the screen size. 

As he notes:

For instance, BlackBerry just wasn't able to respond to the screen-size difference that their increasingly screen-size sensitive consumers were feeling due to the bigger screens provided by Apple and more importantly, the substantially bigger screens of Samsung.

I'd say that they responded very well with a larger screen, and if any rumors hold true will respond even further with the 5" screen of the BlackBerry Z30

So perhaps Mr. Robinson should have actually used a BlackBerry 10 device (namely the Z10) or maybe even read up on the rumors of the Z30 before coming to any conclusions on the future of BlackBerry as a company. 

I have faith in the CrackBerry readers, so please, if any of my rants/posts/editorials/opinions end up going down this road - you have my permission to shoot me.

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