As part of the Keep Moving Projects, director Robert Rodriguez asked fans to help in creating a short film called Two Scoops. While the basis of the story was set, he took plenty of fan content along the way including submissions for a weapon, monster and even actors as the project made its way to the final stages.

After a few weeks and loads of effort from BlackBerry fans across the globe, Two Scoops has finally been completed and is ready for the big screen (kind of - it's just a short film on YouTube and won't actually be on the "big screen").

The film features a duo of ice cream scoopers that set out in search of their missing father. Along the way they battle a vicious monster with the help of some cool weapons and of course their trusty BlackBerry PlayBook

Check out the finished project above - if you sent in your photo as part of the project you may even be able to spot your mug! Let us know what you think in the comments.