ProInsight BlackBerry PlayBook

Sometimes it seems like developers just don't listen to consumers, but every once in a while one steps up and reminds us that not only are they listening, but that they actually care about what's being said. Just yesterday Adam told us about ProInsights, an app developed for the BlackBerry PlayBook by XLabz Technologies to transform your LinkedIn account into something you will actually want to use. Combining beautiful visuals and lots of neat innovation, ProInsights had all the elements of a winner. All the elements except however, the price. The developers set the price at $9.99, and were met with a lot of feedback regarding that pricepoint. I think most people are turned off of an app, no matter how beautifully built, that starts out that high without at least a free trial so potential buyers can get a feel for it.

XLabz took all the feedback and decided to put ProInsights on sale this weekend for half off, bringing the cost down to $4.99. The price will return to normal on Monday, so if you're interested in this one but were put off by the price, grab it now while it's on sale.

More information/download of ProInsights for BlackBerry PlayBook

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