Profixel for BlackBerry Profixel for BlackBerry

Getting tired of your same old avatar on BBM/Twitter/Facebook, or looking for a way to pass a few minutes and feeling creative? Check out Profixel, a FREE app for your BlackBerry that you can use to make a fun and unique pixel based avatar for any number of uses! Profixel includes 2 pre-loaded templates that you can use as a starting point. After choosing one, you use the menu button to bring up a color palate, and from there you can alter the template however you like, one pixel at a time. If you're stuck, and in need of some creative inspiration, you can check out some sample avatars that are included in the app. Once you have your avatar the way you want it, simply save it to your device, and you can use it as your profile picture or avatar anywhere you choose.

Also from within the app, you can upload your avatar to the Profixel Fanpage on Facebook, and you can email it! I was also informed that once the final BBM SDK is released, Profixel will be updated so that you can set the picture as your BBM avatar from within the app as well. So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and create yourself a fun new avatar on your BlackBerry!

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