When I'm not obsessing over all things BlackBerry, I actually sit behind a desk most of the days working on various projects and other office related stuff. Being able to juggle various projects, each with different due dates and related tasks I might add, is not easy, and one must be extremely organized to do so. The developers behind Money Plus and Produktyf CRM have released another native application to track and create project information so that you always remain on top of tasks to ensure deadlines are met.

Producktyf Project is aimed for Project Managers and allows users to create projects and tasks within that project. You can either create several distinct tasks or choose to create one task and make it follow another one. Creating new projects and tasks are not difficult as the interface is easy to use. You simply tap on the bottom to create a new project and go from there. You may enter in a title and status (i.e. Active, Future, On Hold, etc.) and any pertinent notes.

There are fields for start date and end date, but these are determined by the individual tasks created. For each task created, there are several details that are modifiable. This includes being able to assign to a particular project, set the start and end date, set the duration in terms of minutes, hours, days, and weeks, use the slider bar to show percent completed, and enter in any applicable notes.


  • Create projects with basic project information (title, status & notes)
  • Easily view tasks (in an alphabetically ordered list or in an easy-to-use Gantt Chart)
  • Create tasks with title, relevant project and type (an option to set a specific date or to follow another task)
  • Link tasks together with the 'follow task' feature
  • Specify duration of the task in minutes, hours days or weeks

The application is currently in beta form but is fully-functional and can be downloaded for free with no ads. However, this free version limits you to a maximum of three projects with 20 tasks assigned to one. If you wish to create unlimited projects and tasks, you can do so with an in-app purchase of $0.99 to upgrade to Project Pro.

For those who are seeking a way to manage their projects this practical, straightforward application can help tick off those tasks. However, for anyone seeking for technical or granular ways of organizing their data, there is room for improvement.

More information/Download Produktyf Project (Beta)

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