If you are reading the title of the app let me clarify what CRM is — it stands for customer relationship management. For the average consumer you will probably have little need for this but as I come from a sales background integrating these types of systems are becoming more integral to help grow a business and interact with and retain clients. An example of such a system is Salesforce.

Brought to you by the developer behind Money Plus, the basic purpose is to manage client information, communication data, and contact information. This helps to not only organize all of your business data in one convenient place but is an important tool to collect, manage, and link information with your contacts.

That being said Produktyf CRM is a native BlackBerry application to help you track pertinent client, contact, company, and project information in a more efficient manner. As of now it is currently available in beta form and the developer is adding more features as we speak. It captures and organizes all of the notes, companies, projects and contacts and links them together in one place for quick access without having to jump through multiple applications.


  • Notes  - Create notes with title, content, date/time, type (Note, Meeting, Conference Call, Phone Call, Task, E-Mail); Link notes to multiple Contacts, Companies and Projects; Filter note list by linked items; Easily view what other items are linked to a note 
  • Contacts - Create contact entries storing basic contact information; Link contacts to multiple Notes, Companies and Projects; Link contact to a BlackBerry device contact (in-app purchase required); Easily view what other items are linked to a contact 
  • Companies  - Create company entries storing basic company information; Link companies to multiple Notes, Contacts and Projects; Easily view what other items are linked to a company 
  • Projects - Create project entries storing basic project information; Link projects to multiple Notes, Contacts and Companies; Easily view what other items are linked to a project

Produktyf is a quality CRM application for BlackBerry 10 that is easy to use and navigate, presents the data in a clear fashion, and is also Built for BlackBerry approved. Being able to pull up relevant information for a customer without having to search through multiple databases and applications is key and Produktyf does that and more. Initially free to download there are additional features users may unlock with in-app purchases.

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