If you're a BlackBerry Q10 user and you're looking for the best in-car holder for your device this is it. The Built for BlackBerry approved ProClip Custom Suction Cup Mount for the Q10 isn't the cheapest solution and if you want cheap you can get it. However, if you want durability, ease of use and reliability then read on. 

I've used ProClip in-car solutions for a number of years now - most of them purchased with my own money. The main reason for this is that each one is custom made for the BlackBerry you own - none of this generic stuff. What this means is that you get the best fit possible - offering protection and in all the years I've used ProClip's I've never had a smartphone come out of the holder. There's a reason ProClip has Built for BlackBerry designation!

In terms of where you can attach the ProClip in the car you have three options. My one of choice is the windscreen, but you can also use the suction cup to stick the holder to your car console if you desire and it also comes with a round adhesive piece of plastic which you can stick to your dashboard and then sucker the ProClip onto.

And the suction cup on the mount is real tight, if that's the right term to use. Attaching is done by pressing the cup against the surface you want to fix the mount to and then pushing up the lever for the ultimate fixture. Removing the ProClip is achieved by reversing the process - simple. 

Due to the angles that the holder can be adjusted to you can place it anywhere you like in the car and get the perfect view of your notifications as they come in. As usual, we can't condone using your BlackBerry whist driving but with the toast notifications that we now have in BlackBerry 10 you'll see each one without having to look away from the road. 


  • Perfect custom fit for the BlackBerry Q10
  • No adjustments needed – just slide your device into place
  • Access keyboard, camera and all side buttons and ports while in holder
  • Easy removal of holder from suction cup
  • Attach to windshield, dashboard or console
  • Tilt device more than 30 degrees in any direction
  • Swivel device from portrait to landscape view

The Good

  • Quality brand name - quality product
  • Suction is as good as it gets. This thing isn't coming off unless you want it to. 

The Bad

  • No built in charger, but all ports are uncovered. 
  • Expensive in comparison to some generic car mounts. 
The bottomline

As I said earlier - if you want a custom car mount for your BlackBerry Q10 you can't do better than ProClip in my opinion. It's solid, great build quality and not only does the device slot perfectly into it, it's a tight fit - giving you piece of mind. 

A real winner if you ask me. 

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