BlackBerry Storm2 WiFi

* Update - It seems that now at this point if you're suffering from this issue, simply resending the service books may fix it (without need to call in and change plans). Try that first before you spend anytime waiting on the phone! Dig into the forums at the links below for more details. *

If you listened to the CrackBerry podcast recently you would have heard us make mention of users in the forums having some issues with the WiFi on their BlackBerry Storm2 devices. As it turns out, this appears to be a fairly large problem for many of the customers who have purchased a Storm2. The issue is a known one to Verizon at this time since it's their issue to fix (not RIM's) and they are working on a complete fix for it but no ETA for that fix is currently available. Instead, work arounds are needed in order to ensure the WiFi is working properly.

The issue at hand is when WiFi enabled the device is not able to fully transmit voice and data at the same time and the WiFi logo stays greyed out, indicating that it is not fully connected to whatever WiFi service you set it up to (All white means connected). The fix for it currently at this is to call Verizon and have them place you on a more expensive data plan ($45+ BES Plan), power cycle your device and resend your service books. All should be fine after that, just be sure to ask about a credit for the difference between plans. But I guess the real question here is how did this glitch ever pass through Verizon's hands unnoticed?

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