Private Messages for BBM

Want some extra security when it comes to BBM? Max Secure Software have you covered once again with Private Messages for BBM. The native BlackBerry 10 application is perfect for those of you (like me) that don't use a password on your BlackBerry. The app will prompt you to create a password once you first launch it and this will be required on each occasion that you need to access a private message. Only BBM contacts that have the app installed will be able to receive these secret messages so if you fancy joining in the gang you can do so from the link below. 

The following press release is pretty self explanatory, although it's worth mentioning that the app is a free download, but that will only allow you to send 10 messages. After that you'll be prompted to purchase the full version at $2.99 or you have the option to purchase a further 10 messages for $0.99 or 50 messages for $1.99. If you're going to use the app I suggest the unlimited option is the way forward. 

Does Private Messages for BBM sound your cup of tea? Sound off in the comments if you'd be so kind. 

Press Release

Pune, India - Private Messages for BBM for BlackBerry 10 devices. Private Messages for BBM allows users to send and receive private messages protected by a password. All the messages will be transferred over BBM and will be encrypted.

Locking this app with your Password enhances your BBM message privacy. It is a privacy protection app that offers a secure way to send secure messages to your BBM contacts. All the messages sent over BBM are also encrypted by AES-128.

The private messages self-destruct from device for additional security so that no one can access this message without your password. You can only view this secured message from this app by logging in with your password. It protects your BBM communications from intrusions and unauthorized access. 

The app will be also available for Android devices next month.


Private Messages for BBM is available on BlackBerry World for free worldwide with in-app purchases.

Max Secure Software: is a global software company developing products designed to protect the privacy and security of PC and mobile users like an AntiVirus. Max Secure Software was founded in February 2002, is a global provider of world-class security solutions. The company creates innovative privacy, security, protection and performance solutions for Internet users.

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