Priv by BlackBerry

As we noted when the BlackBerry Priv accessories started appearing, the device is quickly making its way through all the official channels needed before it can hit shelves. Another of those channels can now be marked off the list as the Priv by BlackBerry has, as of October 7, 2015, been certified for Bluetooth 4.1 by the Bluetooth SIG, for at least three of the regional variations that will be offered.

  • RHK211LW (STV100-1)
  • RHL211LW (STV100-3)
  • RHM181LW (STV100-4)

Although the time between Bluetooth SIG certification and eventual release varies widely, especially so for BlackBerry, some of the recent devices such as Passport and Leap have been certified and then released within a month or so, which would place the Priv launch somewhere in November as rumored many times now. But again, it varies widely, so don't go placing any bets on that timeframe.

PS: For the curious, if you're wondering why it says AAC for the OS instead of Lollipop, AACxxxx are the software versions BlackBerry has been using for Priv. Example: AAC224, etc. The more you know!

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Via: Android Headlines, DroidBerryGuy!