Priv by BlackBerry orders may start as soon as Friday, Oct. 23

It turns out that we may be closer to the Priv by BlackBerry launch than we thought. According to some recent advertisements that have begun popping up around the web, including our own site, we could see pre-orders open up this Friday, October 23.

Priv Order Ad

This isn't a firm confirmation quite yet, as the ads could have simply started circulating a little earlier than intended. Still, we've seen carriers like Rogers start to open up reservations, indicating that a launch is approaching. As for pricing, we haven't heard anything concrete from BlackBerry yet, but MobileSyrup reports that Rogers has confirmed that the smartphone will sell for $400 CAD on a 2-year contract, or $800 CAD unlocked.

UPDATE Official now, as per Marty Beard.

Via: MobileSyrup