In addition to the new beta apps released through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has now also rolled out several public app updates for BlackBerry Priv owners through the Google Play Store.

riv apps updated in the Google Play Store - Camera, DTEK and more!

This time around, we're getting updates BlackBerry Device Search, BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry Camera, BlackBerry Launcher, and finally, DTEK by BlackBerry. Most of the updates have new changelogs, except DTEK, which is simply using a recycled one so it's a guess as to what has changed there.

The camera update is perhaps the biggest of them all where it adds support for manual controls but, don't let that be confused with support for Camera API2, that still seems missing. But the newer manual controls within the BlackBerry Camera app alone are still certainly appreciated.

BlackBerry Device Search

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Keyboard

  • This update adds new language support, control key shortcuts, and currency flexibility.
  • Korean-Hangul and Vietnamese language support
  • The ability to use familiar keyboard shortcuts, such as undo (Ctrl + Z) and more
  • The ability to change the default currency symbol on the physical keyboard
  • Prediction and correction improvements

BlackBerry Camera

  • Manual controls for the perfect shot. Change the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, and exposure, and manually focus on a subject. Adjust the controls with a swipe on the screen or the physical keyboard.
  • Introduction screens when you first open the app
  • Usability enhancements and bug fixes

BlackBerry Launcher

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes

DTEK by BlackBerry

  • View the permissions apps have requested and turn permissions on or off
  • Simplified notification settings
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Hub

  • Email messages resize automatically to fit the screen width
  • While composing an email message, tap the attachment icon to take a photo and attach it directly to the message
  • Create custom views directly from the BlackBerry Hub navigation drawer
  • Improved rendering of email messages in conversation view and increased font sizes in email messages
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Calendar

  • See today's date easily from the home screen with the new Calendar date widget
  • Hide accounts that you don't want to see in the Calendar from the Calendar settings
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

There's likely more available as well but for the most part, they just cover the typical bug fixes and improvements. Keep in mind, some of the updates may require Marshmallow, so if you're not seeing them, that's why. Go ahead and fire up the Google Play Store to get everything downloaded.

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