After giving us great previews of PlayBook OS 2.0, we caught up with RIM's Jeff Gadway again at the BlackBerry booth at CES2012 who gave us a preview of another awesome application coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook with PlayBook OS 2.

Print To Go is a really handy utility that I think a ton of BlackBerry PlayBook owners will want to take advantage of. Step 1 is to install onto your computer the drivers for Print To Go, which will be available from Once installed, you can then Print files to your PlayBook. Let's say you're going on a trip to CES2013. From your computer, when looking at emails like your travel itinerary or something like a map of the CES show floor, you can then go to print them as you would to a regular printer, but instead choose the Print To Go option. Once you connect your PlayBook to Print To Go by logging in with your BlackBerry ID, then any Print To Go documents will automagically appear within the Print To Go app on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Print To Go app itself is really a nice application, getting some of those TAT/Cascades effects that are coming to the PlayBook OS 2 and BlackBerry 10 platform. You can arrange and sort your documents into piles, view the files easily as pdfs, and if you ever want to delete a file the paper shredder will come to town and cut your file to shreds.

Check out the video above to get a closer look at Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook and see it in action!

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