Prince Charles and Camilla Given BlackBerry Smartphones Courtesy Of Ontario Premier McGuinty

The Globe and mail wrote up an interesting article the other day surrounding Prince Charles, wife Camilla and their recent trip to Canada. According to the article and the source being that of Clarence House (the Prince’s home estate) and the Daily Mail both, Charles and Camilla received BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphones from Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

When contacted for the reasoning as to why BlackBerry smartphones were given to the couple, McGuinty's spokeswomen stated "the BlackBerrys were “entirely” the Premier’s idea and he routinely gives BlackBerrys while hosting foreign dignitaries and when traveling abroad." And Karman Wong stated  "I recall on a 2005 trade mission to China where he pulled out a BlackBerry to show a Chinese minister the device - which at the time wasn't really permitted in the country.‪” 

Now, I can respect that reasoning but I surely would have gone with some Bolds rather then Storm 9500s. Wonder what OS Prince Charles is running?