FrontA few days ago, Prima kindly shipped us their new flip style case for BlackBerry 8800. Overall, we liked the case. If offers a solid protection and you won’t even need to lock your keyboard. The product is made of high quality leather and comes with that smell I always enjoy. The case is supposed to perfectly fit the 8800 but it will need a few days until it settles into its final position.

As expected, all the buttons and connections are easy accessible, no problem. The clip is very solid and can be attached to your belt. The clip is also removable, and the process is extremely simple.

The top part of the case features some useful storage space for business cards and memory cards. The ability to keep an SD card adapter handy is a good thing. Since the BlackBerry devices use microSD cards, you always need an adapter to transfer multimedia files to other devices like digital cameras.

I have only used this case for a few days but I found it solid, functional, comfortable, and kind of stylish.

In summary:

• Dedicated Fit for Blackberry 8800

• Removable Spring Loaded Swivel Clip

• Easy access to all control surfaces

• Super soft scratch proof velvet lining

• Low profile to follow the sleek lines of the 8800

• Protective film for the screen

This case and many more are available from The Flip Style Case goes for $42.95 and only comes in black.

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