The Prima Low Profile Upright Jacket for the BlackBerry 8700 is a sleek, stylish, and functional leather case. It sports a low profile, giving easy access to a holstered BlackBerry.

Prima Low Profile Jacket Unboxing

The case has a good solid feel, offering a nice level of protection for my BlackBerry without being too bulky. The leather is soft yet strong with attractive stitching around the edges.

Top View

The magnet lines up perfectly, locking my device when I holster it every time (as it should).

Multi Views
Multi Views

The Prima case fits comfortably on my belt and gives me easy access to my 8700, yet the elastic sides hug the device snugly to keep it in place when I put it away.

The swivel clip is slender and permanently attached to the case. I would actually prefer a slightly wider clip because I often wear my BlackBerry hanging off my jeans pocket, and a wider clip would keep the case more firmly attached. If you are trying to quickly pull out your BlackBerry, the case sometimes comes with it. But this isn’t a problem if you wear the case on a belt instead of your jeans pocket, or if you aren’t trying to whip it out like a gunslinger at the first buzz of new email.

On the Belt
Pocket Mount

Overall, I really like this case. It’s stylish, functional, and a great value. Some people might miss having a top strap to secure the BlackBerry, but I prefer a low profile case that stays out of the way and lets me get to my BlackBerry quickly. This case currently comes in black or red, and you can find it here at Prima.

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