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From time to time, regular readers of our site share their thoughts with us about various products. So we decided, why not give them a voice on our site as guest reviewers. Today’s review comes from long-time reader Suraj. Suraj recently tried out the latest Prima case for the BlackBerry Curve and was kind enough to share his impressions. Read on to see what he has to say…

The Prima Case for the BlackBerry Curve - 8300 Series () is a high quality leather case with a swivel belt clip.

The case was packaged well and when you open the UPS package, you get a nice white box in which this case was enclosed. The packaging conveyed the image of a good quality product.

The Curve slides into the case easily with all the cutouts and openings aligning as they should. Once in, I had to push the device in quite forcefully in order to get the back latch to snap in to secure the device. This is because as a new leather case the leather needs to adjust to the shape of the device and I presume that this will improve over time. Once in, the device fit securely in the case. The case does make the Curve gain a bit of bulk, but considering that the Curve does not ship with any kind of case or cover, it’s nice having the protection and added grip. The belt clip was easy to use and seemed to pretty well made with a strong clasp. The whole case felt quite secure with the Curve inside it when the case was attached to my belt. The fact that the belt clip was removable is good since most of the time I carry the Curve in my briefcase. It is also quite easy to remove and re-attach the belt clip as needed by simply pressing on a small button on the clip itself, which makes the belt clip slide off smoothly. The padded back cover is sturdy and nicely ties in the whole unit.

On the sides, you have cutouts for the side convenience keys, volume keys, and the headphone and the mini-USB slot. On the top, the mute button is also easily accessible. There is a cutout of the camera in the back. However, the new message indicator light was totally covered, so you will have to rely on vibration alerts for new messages. The only thing that took a little getting used to was the top leather flap against the side of your head when talking on the phone.

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Form fitting cases such as this Prima case are an alternative to cases that cover the whole device such as a Flip Type or cases with a padded front cover. However, the form fitting cases may not offer as much protection as all enclosed cases. As such, form fitting cases are less bulkier and lighter than the alternatives.

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This case is very well made, using quality materials. It looks sleek and classy, and is still very functional. If you’re in the market for stylish yet affordable case for your Curve, this seems like a good choice.
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