BlackBerry's biggest presence on the show floor at CES 2013 was an army of 8800s being used by exhibitors to scan badge barcodes, but the fight for developers was palpable at smaller shows in Vegas happening around the same time. One of those clustered conventions was the New Media Expo, where BlackBerry was running folks through the App Generator and showing off the WordPress app for BlackBerry 10 for the first time.

Even casual bloggers will be familiar with WordPress, and will appreciate being able to attach pictures, set tags and categories, and draft up posts for their blog right from their BB10 device. I've spent a fair amount of time in WordPress, and I can tell you that a mobile app is invaluable for those that just have to keep posting, no matter where they are. 

We'll see WordPress on BlackBerry 10 at launch at the end of the month. Any fellow bloggers out there? What's your favorite platform? How has WordPress done developing for BlackBerry so far?