Ho, boy! The blogosphere is on fire after US Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) proclaimed to the world that he'd choose BlackBerry over the iPhone any day. Okay, maybe not on fire, perhaps a low simmer. Last night, CNN hosted the first major debate of the Grand Old Party (that's the Republicans for those of you keeping score at home) primary season in preparation for our upcoming Presidential Election. But let's back up a bit for our worldwide audience.

If you're not familiar with American politics, you should know our Presidential elections won't be until November 2012 (coincidently, it's on my birthday that year). Politicians seem to like making this process longer and longer and longer each year. Thus, we have the primary debates start a full 17 months before the actual election. And the primaries are just to decide who the Republicans and Democrats will announce as their candidates for the actual election. But I digress.

During the televised debate, CNN moderator John King asked Rep. Paul, "Blackberry or iPhone." Without hesitation, Rep. Paul looks right into the camera and states without equivocation, "BlackBerry." Or at least he would have if CNN had been able to figure out which person on stage was Ron Paul.

Whatever your political leanings, it's always nice to hear your name on TV. While it's not exactly "CrackBerry," we'll take it nonetheless. Word on the street is that Representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York) also prefers BlackBerry, but that's probably just because it has a better camera.

(Nice one, eve6er69!)

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