President Obama on his BlackBerry

*** Updated Yet Again: OK, so after CNN reported to everyone that it's probably a Sectera Edge Obama would switch to, it looks like it's actually a standard BlackBerry (his trusty old 8700?!) with a super encryption package added to it... a government agency that the Obama administration -- but that is probably the National Security Agency -- added to a standard blackberry a super-encryption package.... and Obama WILL be able to use it ... still for routine and personal messages. *

** Updated Again: Wow is this confusing. It seems that the mainstream media keeps using the term to mean "smartphone" and it's likely that even Robert Gibb's quote this morning referred to BlackBerry in a generic sense. I've now seen major media places (CNN, WSJ, etc.) now report conflicting stories. Even late in the day CNN continues to report he'll be getting the Sectera Edge (spy-roof device), which they still refer to as "getting to keep his BlackBerry". Hopefully it is a suped up Berry that Obama gets to use, as Engadget now reports (based on the White House annoucement quoted earlier). I wouldn't wish a Windows-mobile powered smarpthone upon my worst enemy! *

* Updated: January 22nd - Our CrackBerry tips email has been FLOODED with emails (thanks for sending in!) letting us know that President Obama will get to keep his BlackBerry for personal use. This word came through White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who said on Thursday:

The president has a BlackBerry through a compromise that allows him to stay in touch with senior staff and a small group of personal friends.

Good stuff. Now how is RIM going to work this into a marketing campaign?! For more details you can click here. Hopefully this concludes the will he get to keep it or does he have to give it up saga.

And to any of you who don't like these types of posts on CrackBerry - don't worry... there is no plan to post political stuff every day. But this is the CrackBerry Capital and this is news we need to report (or the emails would never stop coming in and we'd get drowned in em!). If you're not a fan, just scroll down to the next post. Thanks for the patience! *

The issue of whether or not Barack Obama would be allowed to continue using his BlackBerry once sworn in as President of the United States of America has been all over the mainstream media for the past few weeks.

What's the verdict? I don't think that has fully been decided yet, but Charles Ommanney for Getty Images for Newsweek got a picture of President Obama after the parade yesterday checking his email on his BlackBerry. This is after he went from being President Elect to the President. According to ABC World News ( via Mobile Crunch / BGR), it does looks like he'll be able to hold onto his BlackBerry for personal use... at least for now.

One thing is for certain, if Obama does have to give up his BlackBerry altogether, he won't do it without a fight.