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There’s a high chance that you’ve gone to school and faced a test that you didn’t prepare for, a test that you ‘forgot’ about, or just a test that was harder that you expected. For example, a CAT & CMAT test. Well, for those students who reside in India there is now a handy BlackBerry application to help prep you for these exams. Study Buddy for BlackBerry has been designed by Omni-Bridge Systems, with the intellectual data provided by one of the leaders in management entrance exam training, IMS.


  • Dynamic UI Rendering – All information is streamed from the server and rendered in real time.
  • Random Questionnaire – Question sets are generated randomly from the server.
  • BlackBerry Messenger Integration – In app communication facility through which students can chat with their BBM contacts.
  • Level wise question set facility – Student can reach the highest level based on percentage scored in previous levels.
  • Back end questionnaire designing and reporting engine.
“Using your phone while studying was traditionally viewed as counter-productive, but today we see mobile technology empowering students. Study Buddy is a smarter way to prepare for some of the toughest exams in India and we are very pleased to support this launch together with IMS and Vodafone.”
Essentially what the app allows you to studying on the go, and instead of playing games or tweeting to pass the time you can now be studying for some of the hardest tests of your life. The application will serve users up questions and allow them to answer those questions; each correct answer will bump them to a harder level challenging their mind to provide them with the best in class out of classroom learning.

Probably one of the coolest things about the BlackBerry app is that Vodafone India is actually able to provision your smartphone and have the application work on their college student plan, which in turn saves you cash due to the minimal costs and free GPRS data associated with the plan. Study Buddy is available for users in India on BlackBerry 7 and higher devices, so grab the link below and increase your grade point average. 

Download Study Buddy for BlackBerry smartphones

Source: Business Standard

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