I'll confess. Back in my younger days I was a bit obsessed with aliens. I think it had to do with my huge crush on Dana Scully from The X Files (what 13 year old wasn't in love with her?!). That said, when I came across the Alienware Berry theme, based off Alienware tech by HxDrummerxC Themes, I couldn't help but give it a go on my BlackBerry Storm.

The theme is pretty cool. It's not for everybody and might not be your daily driver, but is one to work into the regular theme rotation for theme junkies. The four corners of the homescreen have tabs that slide out and provide access to Volume, Web Browser, Messages and Contacts and the four centrally located shortcuts are user-defined. From there, the whole theme carries that black / greyish / red Alienware look. The only part of the theme I'm not a fan of is the Alienware branding in the middle of the display - it's not bad, but a bit disctracting when you click the BlackBerry button and are displaying all shortcuts. It normally sells for $5.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

Get it for $3.95 Until Sunday: HxDremmerxC has set up a coupon code that'll work until this Sunday, that'll save you $2.04 off the regular price. To take advantage you must visit crackberryappstore.com from your BlackBerry's web browser (not the client, not the pc-store) and checkout using coupon code CrackBerry Alien. Be sure that you update the coupon and you see the savings in place before you complete your check out (click here for a tutorial on using coupon codes).