Pregnancy Pal

When you're pregnant, you just want everything to be as simple as possible. Pregnancy Pal from is not only a useful tool to help track your pregnancy, it's also easy to use. With this app on your BlackBerry you can input your weight and it calculates your gain or loss and compiles the data in an easy to read log. If you enter your due date, Pregnancy Pal will place a countdown on your home screen in the message indicator area, as well as in the app itself. I think the coolest feature, and one I personally haven't seen before in a BlackBerry app, is the contraction timer function. It works like a stop watch in that you push start when the contraction begins and stop when it ends. Pregnancy Pal will not only time the contraction, but also the frequency and duration of each, and list all of them in a log. No more guessing at how long or far apart your contractions are. You can also customize the sort of both the contraction log and the weight tracker to suit your need.

Obviously this isn't an application for every BlackBerry owner out there. However, if you are expecting a baby, Pregnancy Pal would be very useful to have. Available for most devices, you can pick this one up for $2.99 in the CrackBerry app store.

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