PrePay BlackBerry!

Pre-paid BlackBerry? I know many of you have been asking for this for a long time and it's no surprise that RIM has been working on it... you can click here to read some of Jim Balsillie's words on the subject from the Q2 Earnings Call held back in September.

What is surprising are the RIM internal docs posted online at BGR today that outline RIM's plans for growing in the pre-paid market:

There's two concepts RIM is fooling with in regards to how this works. One is purchasing the device with no subsidy (full price) and buying pre-paid cards to fill up their account with. The second is slightly more intriguing, and that's a BlackBerry in a Box. The user purchases the device and one year of BIS service all in one package at the retailer. After a year is up, they can purchase whatever they'd like. Another year, time-based access, monthly, all that. 

You'll want to click on over for more info and a ton of slides that outline what prepaid BlackBerry is all about. I have a feeling we better buy some for servers for the Nation is going to get a whole lot bigger when this rolls out around the world!

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