Staples BlackBerry PlayBook Preorder

We knew all along that Staples would be a big retailer for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now that we have a release date and things are ready to roll, they already have all three versions listed up for pre-sale on their site. You can choose from either the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB at $499.98, $599.98 or $699.98 respectively. They are all listed as "expected to ship" within 7-14 days, but you most likely won't see it in your hands until the 19th like everyone else. If you're looking to pick up a PlayBook you can even have it shipped for free or to a local store so someone can watch over it if you're not around when the delivery truck drops it off :-) Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Pre-order the BlackBerry PlayBook from Staples

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