Poynt BlackBerry PlayBook

The last few weeks there have been loads of apps cranked out by BlackBerry devs across the world for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. We've seen a few here and there and things definitely look impressive thus far. I was overjoyed when I saw one of my "go to" BlackBerry apps was spotted running on the tablet OS as well. Poynt is being ported for PlayBook and is shaping up to be even better than it's BlackBerry OS counterpart. Unfortunately no solid video showing things off, but we do get some great screens to see how things are coming along.

Poynt looks awesome on the tablet and you can be sure with all that real estate it packs in some amazing features. If things are what they seem, Poynt should take full advantage of all the PlayBook has to offer including (hopefully) GPS (as we discussed in the last podcast) for all it's location features. Hit the source link for some more screens.

Source: IntoMobile

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