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Review of Poynt for BlackBerry Smartphones

Poynt is definitely an essential when it comes to your BlackBerry. This app truly connects you to the world around you. You can use Poynt to find movies, restaurants, people, businesses and gas prices. Poynt uses your GPS location and puts the desired venues you are looking for in an easy to read list including the distance from your current location. As you select the certain venue it will pull up a menu that enables you to call the location directly or even map out the route. The many features of this app makes it one of the best utility apps offered by BlackBerry. If I haven't convinced you to download this app yet, keep reading!

Poynt for BlackBerry review Poynt for BlackBerry review

I have never had a problem with this application. I have always been completely satisfied with the way it runs and how easy it is to get all the information you need within seconds! You will be impressed the second you open the application. Even starting up the app runs completely flawless. Poynt automatically uses your GPS location to set the startup screen to the time of day and checks the weather!

Poynt for BlackBerry review  Poynt for BlackBerry review

When you‘re ready to begin looking for a desired venue, the easy to scroll menu will glide you through the six tabs to help you locate the best place to search for that desired venue. After you select a tab it will bring up a menu that allows you to search. Each tab has it's own different search settings. For example, in the movies tab it lets you search by which movies and theaters are near you, the top 10 movies, movie genres and of course by movie title. After you select the way you would like to search, it will pull up a menu of movies (or theaters) for you to choose from. This app also allows you to purchase tickets and watch a movie trailer(for those who are unsure).

Poynt for BlackBerry review

Each tab, which includes people, businesses, gas prices, restaurants, movies, and a mapping tab, is brightly colored and easy to access. This app has so many features, but is easy to use no matter how long you have been a BlackBerry user. Not only can you search what is around you currently, you can search from any address! You can also save addresses and venue information, which makes finding your favorite places easy. The mapping feature is one of my favorite features. You can run the mapping feature from either BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps (if you have it installed). You can also send venue information to any of your contacts,

While asking some friends about how they feel about this application I was flooded with positive feedback, but of course with that also came some negative feedback as well. I found that in the UK the "people" search doesn‘t function, which can be a downer, but this app has so many other features, you wouldn't even know the difference. Also I found that in Canada, the app does not feature the gas prices. Poynt uses 3 different ways to locate you and one of them is cell-site triangulation, for non-GPS enabled devices and locations where GPS is unavailable, which can sometimes be slightly off. Of course every application has its bugs, but like I said Poynt's others features out weigh most of it's problems.

This app has some of the best design I have ever seen on a BlackBerry. As I mentioned before the UI is clean and crisp, and also presents the information in the exact way it should be. This app is definitely worth checking out! Plus it's free! If you find yourself having to switch from several different applications to find where you‘re going, then Poynt is the app for you!

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