Poynt is one of my favorite apps on my BlackBerry. It's always there when I need to check out local eateries or scope some movie times. I was excited to see it is available in App World for the PlayBook and quickly got it installed. The only downside for now is that GPS currently isn't working on the PlayBook - which poses a big problem for Poynt. Being that it works totally off the GPS to find your location, it really isn't useful at this point. I blame RIM for the issue but hopefully we'll see an update very soon that corrects this. Aside from the obvious, Poynt looks to be as good as its phone counterpart. You can check out local restaurants, movie times and find businesses. All in all a great free app to have installed that can really help out in the clutch. Check out the video for more and hit the link below to download.

More information/download of Poynt for the BlackBerry Playbook