Powering Down BlackBerry

BlackBerry devices have a lot of options and settings to be configured to each users liking, but sometimes these settings can be very cumbersome. You're not sure which is the correct option to choose let alone how the device will function after making a change. Recently I have been seeing a lot of questions pop up in the forums from users asking "Should I turn my device off using the Turn Off selection or Full Power Off?" Hopefully we can quickly clear up the differences between the two. Here is the official RIM response:

The BlackBerry has two power-management modes:

  • If you use the Power button, and select Turn Off, your BlackBerry will turn itself on again when the alarm activates it or when it is set to turn on automatically.
  • If you use the Power button, then select Full Power Off, your BlackBerry will not turn on again until you press the Power button. All alarms, notifications will not activate. (You will never see this option if you have alarm set to off or device auto on/off disabled)

So if you choose Turn Full Power Off and set an alarm to get to work in the morning, keep in mind it will not wake you up!

Now of course many of us would ask why the device even has a power button (since we never turn them off),  but for those who may want to use this power function, the option is there for you to choose.

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