The developer behind Power Tools has been busy working on the latest update to his all-in-one utility application. In addition to improvements and bug fixes, this release adds support for most third party applications including Blaq, BBM, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Now packed with even more capabilities it is a great productivity tool to have under your belt. The list below shows everything included with this new version that is already available to download in BlackBerry World.  

Power Tools v3 Change log 

  • Added 3rd party account support for incoming messages - You can now set LED, Vibrate and Ringtone for most of the 3rd party apps Apps have been tested so for are but not limited to:
    • BBM
    • WhatsApp
    • Social apps: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Blaq
    • Missed Call
  • When Power Tools detect a new Account you will see a new Notification message in the Hub. Open it and follow the instructions on how to set up the LED for this account
  • Added Account screen to the Custom LED screen - You can only rename the Account and can not delete it
  • Added repeat LED - You can repeat from 5 mins to 30mins until you read, delete or Power Tools stop the LED. The reminder will have the LED color WHITE. The ringtone and vibrate will still be the original from the LED filter
  • Added Smart wallpaper - The annoying Toast message is no longer visible. Power Tools will not change wallpaper if you are using your device.  It will delay the wallpaper change when the screen goes off. At odd times you will still see the annoying message when you turn on the device but only odd times
  • Added Flip Hush - When you flip your BB over on the table or flat surface Power Tools will set the device to Silent. You can still set the LED on or OFF. When you flip it back Power Tools will set the sound profile to the last state. To turn on Flip Hush to the Application menu in Power Tools and select Settings
  • Added "The Wave" - When the LED flashing you can just wave at the top of the BlackBerry to stop the blinking LED and Ringtone.  This only works if Power Tools started the LED and Ringtone. There is no need to even touch your BlackBerry. Just wave at it.  This is another cool feature only possible with Power Tools
  • Added additional 17 3-color combo for LED
  • Added turn on WiFi in the Scheduler - You can set a schedule when to turn ON Wifi. Turning OFF is not possible because BlackBerry does not allow developers to do so yet
  • Fixed the backup and restore bug. There were 3 backups files incorrectly backed up.  I would highly recommend you to do a backup after installing this update
  • Note: Highly recommend that you reset your BlackBerry after you update the app since new features are added. if you do not and Power Tools is not working correctly then that is why

This latest release shows that it is a must have application for your BlackBerry 10 device and worth the $3.99 price tag. However, please note that certain features require OS 10.2 and higher. This update requires OS 10.2.1.

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