Power Tools is a versatile and useful productivity application that combines several features and tools into one. From tracking your battery, having a home screen wallpaper changer, choosing a Custom LED for contacts, apps, and messages, to blocking incoming calls and messages, tracking daily device usage, and scheduling event sounds and alarms this is one application that is fully featured and enhances the BlackBerry experience.

This latest update, that now stands at v5.3, is quite a hefty one with several improvements, enhancements, and new features. You can browse through the change log below for the details surrounding this update.

Version 5.3 Change Log

  • Modified how the minute wallpaper changer works
  • Modified how incoming messages are handled. Sometimes Power Tools do not get all new messages thus LED and ringtone is not working
  • Fixed the message blocker where the subject was not filtered
  • Fixed the Wifi LED when device is in Bedside Mode
  • Fixed the Speech after a System reset. Sometimes it won't speak until you manually request a speech
  • Added Email accounts to select when syncing in the Email screen in the Application Settings. This allows you to only sync specific accounts. You can either select the time to sync in the Email screen or create a schedule to sync in the Scheduler screen. The Scheduler is more flexible where you can define the time and date to sync. This is similar to our No Mail app but better. Now you have full control when to receive work email.
  • Added Run Filters in the Message Blocker screen. This will scan the Hub and apply all the filters. It may take several minutes depending how many messages you have in the Hub. When the process is complete you will get a Hub message with all the details

Power Tools is a powerful all-in-one utility application for your device that some say is a must-have. You can purchase it for BlackBerry 10 for only $4.99 on BlackBerry World.

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