Since its original inception, Power Tools has undergone several changes and updates that not only increase productivity but improve the overall user experience as well. The latest revision to hit storefront is no different and comes with an extensive list of added features and bug fixes that are laid out below.

New features and fixes

  • Added Lock Screen Wallpaper with Weather information. You need to set the city or select current location in the Application Settings and Weather screen. To enable lock screen wallpaper go to the Wallpaper setup screen.
  • Added disable Speech in the Battery setup screen. This will not speech any battery information such as charging and full.
  • Added LED for unknown and private callers in the Phone Connect and Call screen. Now if you set the Sound Notification to Silent you can tell if the call is Private or Unknown
  • Added new Remote Command to the main screen. Remote Command allows anyone to send you email or text message to get your GPS Location or get a System Status report for Battery and Memory
  • Added Send email or text message for Geofencing when you Enter or Leave a location. You need to create the email or text message to send in the Scheduler screen. When you create the messages set the Recurrence to Do Nothing
  • Added send note to the Hub as a reminder for Geofencing when you Enter or Leave a location.
  • Added only speak messages when the device is connected to Bluetooth device or Wifi hotspot. This is good when you are in your car and connected to the Bluetooth speaker. Go to the Accounts tab in the Geofencing screen
  • Added disable button to disable Alarm and Schedules. This is handy if you want to disable the alarms or schedules instead of have to delete it.
  • Added popup for Alarm. When the alarm is finished a popup dialog will be displayed with the option note
  • Added coloring to the buttons for Popup messages
  • Fixed the Alarm popup dialog. The dialog will only popup if you have entered a note. Also if you select the Close button in the Alarm popup the ringtone will now stop
  • Fixed the Flip and Hush bug. Sometimes after changing a profile it will not allow to switch again. This is now fixed
  • Fixed the Speech bug for non-English language
  • Redid the Holster. It should work better

Power Tools is an all-in-one utility application for your device. You can purchase it for BlackBerry 10 for only $4.99 on BlackBerry World.

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