For all of the Power Tools users out there, the features list is about to get a little bit more robust. This latest update not only brings with it the option to toggle the icon layout between tile and list view, but the ability to set custom LED and ringtones for any BBM contact. You read that correctly — it is the first LED application to support individual BBM contacts and is one feature I know I have been waiting for. 

Be sure to check out the change log and all of the fixes and changes that go along with it. 

Power Tools v3.1 Change log 

  • Added Tile icon layout.  You can switch between List or Tile view by selecting the icon on the main screen
  • Modified the Manage LED screen to include Apps, BBM and Messages
  • Finally LED for individual BBM Contacts.  Set custom LED and Ringtone for any BBM Contact. Power Tools is the first and only LED application that supports BBM Contacts. You can not manually setup BBM Contacts. You will get a Hub notification when a new BBM Contact or Channel sends you a BBM message. You then open the Hub message and follow the instructions. To turn ON and  OFF Hub notification for Applications and BBM Contacts go to the Application Settings screen and select App and BBM Notifications
  • Added System Information screen. Here you can get information about the Battery, Hardware and CPU. The Battery screen is now moved to here. The CPU screen shows Processor type, MIPS etc. and the Hardware screen shows detail information about the Processor, CPU Speed, Memory etc.
  • Added the Settings screen and separated each into it's own preference screen
  • Added disabling Geofencing in the General preferences. This is good if you do not want Geofencing to waste battery
  • Fixed The Wave.  Before you must have the Flip and Hush enabled
  • Fixed Repeat bug where it blinks on reset. If you continue to have this problem just delete the _reminder.dat file in the PowerTools folder in the Misc folder on the Device
  • Fixed the SMS and Email scheduler. It was not getting the Phone number of SMS and Email the CC field not automatically populated

This well constructed all-in-one utility application supports BlackBerry 10 for $3.99, though available features vary by OS version. This update requires OS 10.2.1.

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