For those of you who have downloaded the leak of OS 10.2.1 you can add another headless app to your arsenal. Power Tools, the all-in-one active frame and headless productivity tool, has now received it's headless approval and is available for download in BlackBerry World for compatible devices. For certain features you will no longer have to leave open as an active frame on your homescreen in order for it to work properly.

If you're not familiar with this application, you can head on over and check out the original review to see it in action. The developer has compiled an extensive list of features for you to review at your leisure. Please note version 2.0 is the version compatible with OS 10.2.1 and is headless. Version 1.0 is for all devices on OS 10.0 to 10.2 and requires an active frame.

Version 2.0 Features

Version 2.0 is Headless. It means the application does not have to be running in an Active Frame. Version 2 includes all the features in version 1 except for Alarms. Alarms do not work in Headless because Headless applications cannot display User Interface.

  • Holster - Change system sound profile when holstered and unholstered. The only application that works correctly with the sound profiles.
  • System Event Sounds - This is similar to Lock Screen sounds in version 1 but with more features. Play a sound for system events such as lock and unlock screen, battery charging, discharging and system reset. The only application that plays predefined or custom sound whenever you restart the BlackBerry. You can select your own sound and use it.
  • Block Email from Hub - Press and hold the email from the Hub and then select Share and select Power Tools.  This will open the Message Filter screen and allow you to block this sender. Easy and simple.
  • System Card - Version 2 now integrated with the system card. When you Share or Open In Power Tools will act as system Card - You can still Resize and Shred the file. Making it easier.
  • Scheduler - The Scheduler allows you to schedule a time to turn on or off Bluetooth and Block incoming calls.  Future version will include will schedulers. You add the same schedule many times.
  • Cell Signal Strength - Worry about losing cell signal? There is no need. Just select a Led color for Have signal and No Signal. The Led light will continue to blink to notify you with good or no signal.

Version 1.0 Features

Version 1 is for BBO10.0 to OS10.2 and requires the application to run in Active Frame.

  • Encryption - Use BlackBerry's FIPS certified powerful AES encryption library to secure your files.  The only application that offers this kind of security integrated with the BlackBerry operating system.
  • Message Blocker - The best and complete message blocker for BB10. Block Text and Email.  Detail log file to keep track of blocked messages. You can view and delete the log file. Even block email messages base on Language of the message.  No need to purchase another SMS or Email blocker.  It is included with Power Tools.
  • Active Frame - Display Battery and Memory info in Active Frame. Also shows Battery Charging information like time to fully charged.
  • Alarm - Create custom Alarms for Daily, Weekdays and Weekly. Create multiple alarms.  Snooze option.  Option to select a random ringtone from your favorite sound folder as a ringtone.
  • Bluetooth - Control when to turn on and off Bluetooth Daily, Weekdays and Weekly.  Schedule multiple Bluetooth
  • LED Color - Add color LED to incoming Text, Email, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter or Accounts. Customize LED for Contacts with Vibrate and Ringtone. Over 25 different color combinations to use. Set contact or Account to VIP status so that you will never miss their text or email. VIP will blink and play the ringtone regardless what the system Notification is set to. Sorry BBM and WhatsUp are not supported yet.
  • Screen Lock - Add custom sounds when screen is locked, unlocked and password locked. Have a custom password lock wallpaper.
  • Phone Call - Add custom LED color for all incoming calls, vibrate on call connect and disconnect
  • Sound Profile - Schedule and Manage system Sound Profiles. Turn system sound to Vibrate or Silent at nights, Normal in the morning, set Vibrate at the Office, Silent at Church on Sundays, Alert Offs for weekly Staff meeting etc...  Sound Profile switching is automated. You just have to set the start and end times and leave it to Power Tools. Sound Profile is only available on OS10.2 and higher.
  • Wallpaper - Set custom wallpaper on every minute, 5 minutes up to 8 hours, set time to change only Daily, Weekdays or Weekly. Chose a picture folder to randomly or sequentially change pictures. You can optionally add the Battery percentage and current date to the wallpaper. Note: Due to OS10.2 changes when changing wallpapers a Toast message is displayed.
  • Picture Resize - Resize a single picture from the Pictures, File Manager or any apps that has Share or Open In feature.  When resizing you can select many different sizes to resize the picture like Screen Size, percentage and predefined sizes.
  • File Shredder - The ultimate personal security. When you delete a file from the Pictures or File Manager app the content is not erased therefore it is possible to recover the deleted file and view the content.  By shredding the file it would make it impossible to recover the content. File Shredder will write to the physical location of the files with random data many files over so the content can not be recovered.
  • Battery Information - Gives you detail information on the current Battery status such as percentage, usage before empty, charging information such as time to fully charged and more.

Power Tools is a great multifunction application and you get all of these useful features for $3.99. Please note that certain capabilities such as the notification sound profile, new notification and block all calls feature requires OS 10.2. It is certainly one to check out so if you haven't be sure to do so and follow the link below.

More information/Purchase Power Tools

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