Power Tools for BlackBerry 10 has been a permanent fixture on my device since it first came out. The all-in-one application offers a variety of different features to help you throughout the day without having to spend on each function separately or use up memory with multiple applications. For me, having a developer continuously update their application and listen to their customers is a plus and Toysoft is committed to always bringing you a solid product. 

This latest release brings with it even more capabilities, making it an even better productivity tool for everyday use. The list below shows everything included with this new version that is already available to download in BlackBerry World.  

Version 2.1 Headless Change Log

  • Alarms - Add multiple Alarms for Timer from one minute to 8 hours, Daily, Weekdays and Weekly. Use default alarm ringtones or select your own ringtone and repeat sound.  Add an alarm note to display in Instant Preview. When you select the Instant Preview message the Alarms screen will be opened.
  • Geofencing - The ability to use Location Services to switch System Sound Profile or turn on and off Bluetooth when arriving or leaving a location. Geofencing uses GPS. Changing Sound Profile is done automatically without any intervention.
  • Schedule SMS and Email - Schedule a time to send SMS and Email Daily, Weekdays, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. When sending email you can add an attachment. Optionally delete the sent message in the Inbox.
  • Bedside support - Turn off all alerts while in Bedside mode. Alarms will still sound.
  • Low Battery Sound - Use built-in or custom sound when battery level falls below the selected percentage. Alert will continue to notify only when there is a change in the battery level and will stop when charging.
  • Message Filter - Better keywords for spam filtering.
  • When in or out of Holster you can turn on and off Bluetooth.

Version 1 Active Frame Change Log

  • Bedside support - Turn off all alerts while in Bedside mode.   Alarms will still sound.
  • Message Filter - Better keywords for spam filtering.

As a multifunction tool it certainly gets the job done. Power Tools supports all BlackBerry 10 devices for $3.99. However, please note that certain features require OS 10.2 and higher. 

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