When it comes to spicing up your display, rotating your favorite wallpapers on a daily basis is certainly an option. Popular developer MMMOOO is no stranger to this dilemma. From their days creating themes for legacy devices to coding their multi-platform Wallpaper Sky, that allows users to download Flikr generated content, they have found a way for users to personalize their smartphones.

Now they are taking that concept one step further by creating their own social platform dedicated to providing professional and passionate wallpapers. Rather than download or upload images to the server, users now have the ability to share, like, comment, and follow members similar to Twitter and Instagram.

Being able to search for topics, users, and content by popularity or hashtag is rather easy. They established profiles for Wallpaper Sky and this application so you are able to view an eclectic array of backgrounds that populate their database. Images may be downloaded or shared though certain ones will be watermarked until a certain threshold or number is met. Uploading your images is quick and you may crop or apply filters before completing the action.


  • A Pinterest like Waterfall layout to show the latest wallpapers from Followings/Perfect fits/Your uploads
  • Easy like, comment, download, share... operations, rich effects available for wallpaper upload
  • Click thumb to enlarge wallpaper into full-screen mode, more intuitive
  • @ and # function available, enhance interactive in wallpaper sharing
  • Intuitive personal showroom, one key follow interested wallpaper uploader
  • Popular lists show the trend of PostWallpaper community, to help you dig hot contents
  • Push notifications, never miss the message from your friends & followers. You can also decide the contents to push
  • Connect to 3rd social platforms, one key login with Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo
  • Find and Invite your friends from phone contacts
  • We will hold #hashtag events from time to time, join the event and upload wallpapers which meet the requirement, chances to get more attention and mystery gift!

One of the concerns I have when selecting a wallpaper is whether or not it will fit the resolution of my device. PostWallpaper offers a "Perfectly Fits" category to make sure the proportions fit your screen though you may still browse and download the other offerings.

As a social network, you can follow people or brands, mention others, and incorporate hastags into your posts. For me, this is a pretty ambitious undertaking for the developer and also an interesting concept when it comes to viewing, uploading, and sharing wallpapers. Normally I share images on Twitter, Facebook and iGrann (for Instagram), but I do see this as being an alternative for sharing high quality backgrounds for not only BlackBerry 10 but across all platforms and interacting with people from around the world.

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